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  • 16. «Крылья Советов» Самара 0

ESK admitted Panin’s mistake in the match with Shinnik
19 November 2022 в 20:19

A meeting of the expert refereeing commission under the President of the RFU took place in Moscow, whose members unanimously concluded that in the 16th minute of the game in Yaroslavl, a penalty kick should have been taken against Vadim Evseev’s team.

Full text of the ESC decision:

1. The referee mistakenly did not assign a 11-meter kick to the goal of the Shinnik team at the 16th minute of the match.

The decision of the ESC is motivated by the fact that the contact of the ball with the hand of the player of the defending team “Shinnik” No. 52 in his own penalty area was punishable, since the ball moved from a long distance, which allowed the defender to remove the hand, which at the time of contact was set aside from the body, increasing it square. For these reasons, the commission unanimously considers that the referee should have awarded the 11-meter kick to the goal of the Shinnik team without issuing disciplinary sanctions.

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