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Сбор в Турции 27 июня 2024 (г. Бурдур)

Mehmet Akif Ersoy г. Бурдур
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Akron Holding will join forces with the Government of the Samara Region to develop the Konoplev Academy in Togliatti
8 June 2022 в 15:53

A concession agreement for a period of 20 years was concluded between the Government of the Samara Region and ANO “Academy Yuri Konoplev”.

FC Akron entered the management structure of the Academy as a founder. As part of the agreement, it is planned to carry out work on the reconstruction of the existing infrastructure and the construction of new sports facilities – already this year: a new field with artificial turf, the construction of an indoor arena and the design of a sports and recreation complex. In addition to modernizing the property complex and the material and technical base, the management intends to introduce a new effective strategy for training young football players, which will not only improve the quality of the training process, but also ensure a smooth transition of school students to professional football. The Academy teams playing in the Youth Football League tournaments will work closely with the main team of FC Akron: young players will have a chance to train in the ranks of the “foundation” and count on a place in the professional club.

Pavel Morozov, CEO of Akron Holding and owner of FC Akron, commented on the signing of the agreement: Akron Holding, for which the support and development of children’s and professional football in the Samara Region is one of the priority areas of social policy, intends to preserve and increase traditions and legacy of the Academy. A lot of preparatory work has been done, and I express my gratitude to the Governor of the Samara Region Azarov Dmitry Igorevich, the Chairman of the Government of the Samara Region Kudryashov Viktor Vladislavovich, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the region for their trust.

Yuri Petrovich Konoplyov created the Academy to give novice football players the opportunity to achieve heights in sports and glorify our region. We see great potential in the development of the Academy. Thanks to the renewal and expansion of the infrastructure base and the creation of a highly effective player training system, dozens of children will have the opportunity to realize their sports talents and get closer to fulfilling their dreams. The pupils will have a tangible landmark – FC Akron, where they can be guaranteed to take their first steps in adult football.

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