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28 тур 20 апреля 2024, 17:00 (г. Жигулёвск)

стадион «Кристалл» г. Жигулёвск купить билет
  • 1. «Динамо» Махачкала 47
  • 2. «Акрон» Тольятти 46
  • 3. «Химки» Химки 45
  • 4. «Арсенал» Тула 44
  • 5. «Родина» Москва 44
  • 6. «Тюмень» Тюмень 40
  • 7. «Нефтехимик» Нижнекамск 37
  • 8. «Алания» Владикавказ 37
  • 9. «Енисей» Красноярск 36

Anver Koneev joined Akron’s coaching staff
29 July 2022 в 17:28

A specialist with a Pro-UEFA license will be responsible for set pieces in the team.

Anver Abdulkhakovich began his coaching career in 1998 at the Lokomotiv youth school from St. Petersburg. In 2002, he went to work at the Zenit Academy: in 2013, the coach joined the headquarters of Zenit-2, in 2017 he headed the youth team of Dynamo Petersburg, and in 2018 he became Konstantin Zyryanov’s assistant in the Blue- blue and white.” In 2019, Anver Abdulkhakovich was the head coach of the youth team of Russia-2 at the Granatkin Memorial, he also repeatedly led the St. Petersburg team in this tournament. In the 2021/22 season, Anver Koneev led Zvezda from St. Petersburg, which played in group 2 of FNL-2.

We welcome Anver Abdulhakovich to our club and wish him success with Akron!

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