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1 тур 20 июля 2024, 16:00 (г. Москва)

стадион «РЖД Арена» г. Москва
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  • 2. «Ахмат» Грозный 0
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  • 4. «Динамо» Москва 0
  • 5. «Зенит» Санкт-Петербург 0
  • 6. «Краснодар» Краснодар 0
  • 7. «Крылья Советов» Самара 0
  • 8. «Локомотив» Москва 0
  • 9. «Оренбург» Оренбург 0

FC Akron has officially expressed its disagreement with the decisions of the referee from Naberezhnye Chelny
8 August 2022 в 22:46

The club asked the expert-judging commission of the RFU to objectively evaluate two episodes at the end of the first half: with the removal of Danila Poluboyarinov and with the foul of the last hope of the goalkeeper of Khabarovsk on Konstantin Bazelyuk.

We believe that referee Ranel Ziyakov erroneously issued a red card to our midfielder, having misjudged the game situation. The specified wording “Aggressive behavior – kicking an opponent in the lower abdomen without trying to play the ball” is unreasonable and does not correspond to reality. This is one of the key episodes that seriously affected the final result of the meeting, as well as the moment with the violation of the rules of the goalkeeper of the army on Konstantin Bazelyuk, who deprived the forward of a clear opportunity to score a goal into an empty net.

This is not the first time that Akron has faced blatant interpretations of game moments and in this case is counting on an objective assessment of the Control and Disciplinary Committee, to which the club sent a request to cancel the suspension of Danil Poluboyarinov.

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