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1 тур 20 июля 2024, 16:00 (г. Москва)

стадион «РЖД Арена» г. Москва
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Losing in Naberezhnye Chelny
21 August 2022 в 22:06

The team conceded four unanswered goals after the removal of Konstantin Bazelyuk.

Passions in the confrontation between Akron and KAMAZ, which began in the open spaces of the second division, have always been heated to the limit. Four games in the history of meetings, and before this season, the Chelnin team has never come out victorious. The club from Tatarstan has long been sharpening its teeth on Togliatti, and in the status of an intermediate leader, it was probably in the best possible way to interrupt the tradition that was unsuccessful for itself, including from a psychological point of view. However, it was not easy for the hosts to cope with Akron. Yes, the Avtozavodtsy owned the ball, tried to act as the first number, but without much progress.

The incident at the 39th minute of the match helped them to loosen up and play more confidently. Viktor Svezhov provoked Konstantin Bazelyuk into pushing and responding aggressively, for which the referee removed our striker, leaving Akron in the minority. The guests failed to endure until the break: Vladlen Babaev, well known to the Red-Blacks, opened the scoring in the match, scoring the ball into the locker room.

In the second half, Chelny players, who were in no hurry, switched to their favorite counterplay and caught Akron’s losses. In the 56th minute, Babaev scored a double, on the 63rd minute Shamkin made a big one, and on the 76th minute, the leader of KAMAZ Alexander Gagloev, who performed a panenka when breaking through a penalty kick, added his “leg” to the rout. But this goal could not be the last in the game: in the 87th minute, the birthday boy Dmitry Sasin earned a response penalty, he volunteered to convert it himself, but goalkeeper Alexei Mamin had a “cracker” in his plans. In addition, in the stoppage time for the second yellow card, Akron’s youngest player, 16-year-old striker Ruslan Bart, who made his professional football debut in Naberezhnye Chelny, retired for the second yellow card. A nightmare for our team at the stadium in Grenada Park has come true.

“Ugly game. I would like to apologize to Togliatti, to the fans for not showing character. Very ashamed. A shame. There is nothing more to say in this situation,” Akron’s goalkeeper Sergei Volkov commented on the result of the match in Naberezhnye Chelny.

MATCH PROTOCOL: KAMAZ (Naberezhnye Chelny) – Akron (Togliatti) 4:0 (1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Babaev (45), 2:0 Babaev (56), 3:0 Shamkin (63), 4:0 Gagloev (76, penalty)

Missed penalty: Sasin (87, goalkeeper)

KAMAZ (Naberezhnye Chelny): Mamin, Abramov, Ayukin, Tolstopyatov, Paltsev (Shamkin, 59), Mohammad, Svezhov (Kirillov, 59), Serchenkov (Golyatov, 77), Babaev (Kirsanov, 70), Gagloev (Badrtdinov, 77), Talikin

Akron (Togliatti): Volkov, Zuev (Khojaniyazov, 84), Rogac, Savichev, Shakuro, Chudin (Boitsov, 84), Makarov, Kilin (Sasin, 46), Marukhin (Bart, 70), Poluboyarinov (Giraev, 46) ), Bazelyuk

Yellow cards: Paltsev (41), Savichev (41), Svezhov (41), Gagloev (60), Volkov (75) , Bart (79)

Red cards: Bazelyuk (41), Bart (90, 2 y.k.)

Referee: Cheremnykh (Perm)

August 21st. Naberezhnye Chelny. Stadium “Kamaz”. 4218 fans.

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