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Сбор в Турции 27 июня 2024 (г. Бурдур)

Mehmet Akif Ersoy г. Бурдур
  • 1. «Акрон» Тольятти 0
  • 2. «Ахмат» Грозный 0
  • 3. «Динамо» Махачкала 0
  • 4. «Динамо» Москва 0
  • 5. «Зенит» Санкт-Петербург 0
  • 6. «Краснодар» Краснодар 0
  • 7. «Крылья Советов» Самара 0
  • 8. «Локомотив» Москва 0
  • 9. «Оренбург» Оренбург 0

Akron played a draw in Krasnoyarsk
18 September 2022 в 15:30

Opponents could not please the fans with scored goals.

Enisey does not spare its rivals in the home arena: only the Khabarovsk team managed to win a draw two rounds earlier. With the outsider of the First League, the “lions” Artyom Gorlov, probably, planned to cope quickly, but it was the guests who looked more active in the debut of the game. Our team tried to greet the Krasnoyarsk team high, but neither team could extract big dividends by the break. Perhaps, the blow of Konstantin Bazelyuk, who returned after a three-match disqualification, from a free-kick and the save by Sergei Volkov with his head after Alexander Maslovsky’s point-blank hit, became the most interesting moments of the first half.

The hosts, judging by the pre-match video, were going to spin Akron’s wheels, but in the second half they could do it to themselves. At first, the ubiquitous Bazelyuk successfully entered the selection, gathered four opponents and cut the pass to Anton Kilin, who removed the opponent on the backswing and aimed at the far nine. A few minutes later, Vladimir Marukhin missed an even surer chance to take the lead: Maxim Palienko led the young midfielder to a rendezvous with the goalkeeper, Vova shot in the opposite direction, but the ball rolled only near the post.

Yenisei had the initiative, but did not carry any obvious threats to Volkov’s goal. At the end of the meeting, Karim Giraev took over the game on the outskirts of the penalty area, but after a series of feints, his shot managed to cover the defender of the hosts. A goalless draw is not what both teams were counting on, but this result has probably become natural.

“It was a very tough game, a lot of martial arts – both teams wanted to win. We had chances, and Yenisei had chances to score – the game went to the goal. I think that the score is in the game. The teams played well in defense today, the conversion suffered in attack. Seryozha Volkov saved us a few times, but at the same time we had a good moment in the second half to take the lead,” Akron midfielder Dmitry Sasin said after the match.

MATCH PROTOCOL: Enisey (Krasnoyarsk) – Akron (Togliatti) 0:0

Enisey (Krasnoyarsk): Antipin, Kichin, Ferreira, Maslovsky, Markov, Glushkov, Lomakin (Okladnikov, 75), Gystarov (Stolbov, 46), Lanin, Ivanov, Sanaya (Umaev, 59)

Akron (Togliatti): Volkov, Zuev, Rogac, Shakuro (Azarov, 74), Savichev, Chudin, Poluboyarinov (Makarov, 77), Palienko, Marukhin (Matveev, 74), Kilin (Sasin, 60), Bazelyuk (Giraev) , 60)

Yellow cards: Sanaya (42), Glushkov (68), Umaev (83), Savichev (85)

Referee: Saraev (St. Petersburg)

September 18th. Krasnoyarsk. “Football Arena Yenisei”. 2432 fans.

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