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We win in Ulyanovsk!
16 October 2022 в 21:32

Our team wins the Volga derby thanks to goals from Chudin and Palienko.

The sign of the “Volga” derby – “Volga” – “Akron” – again became relevant three years later. The Ulyanovsk players, who solved the problem of promotion last season and were led by Akron’s ex-midfielders Aznaur Geryugov and Dmitry Efremov, needed a bloody home victory due to their unenviable standings. There were no global changes in the composition of our team, even taking into account the absence of Anton Kilin and Konstantin Bazelyuk, and the start of the match was definitely ours.

Karim Giraev threatened Klimovich’s goal several times, Maxim Palienko beat, Pavel Shakuro sharpened from the flank, but Ivan Chudin lit his name on the scoreboard in the 30th minute, who flashed the goalkeeper after a pass from Sergei Makarov. The hosts were able to quickly answer: Efremov upset the former team after only six minutes. Wards of Rinat Aitov seized the initiative and forced Sergey Volkov to sweat seriously before the break.

The debut of the second half of the meeting also remained with the opponent. In some situations, the goal frame played for Akron, but Volga’s pressure came to naught after the second goal by Maxim Palienko. In the remaining half an hour, the “red-blacks” confidently controlled the course of the game and, thanks to substitutions, were able to move the game as far as possible from their goal. A well-deserved victory and an extension of the unbeaten streak to eight matches!

“We are happy to win, we were tuned in to it. I think we deserved to win today. After the first goal scored, they themselves gave up the initiative, conceded the ball, sat down low. Goal, in principle, is not brewing, but usually it ends with this. During the break, we made adjustments to the pressure, began to act more efficiently, which bore fruit – we scored the second goal. Already controlled the course of the match. Volga didn’t have a chance,” said FC Akron midfielder Ivan Chudin after the match.

MATCH PROTOCOL: Volga (Ulyanovsk) – Akron (Togliatti) 1:2 (1:1)

Goals: 0:1 Chudin (30), 1:1 Efremov (36), 1:2 Palienko (61)

Volga (Ulyanovsk): Klimovich, Kutin, Khabibullin, Abazov, Magomadov, Morozov, Den Rakhmanov, Efremov (Jikia, 68), Sapeta (Paskin, 85), Geryugov (Voronin, 68), Bilalov (Arsentiev, 75)

Akron (Togliatti): Volkov, Zuev, Khodzhaniyazov, Savichev (Rogac, 90), Shakuro (Matveev, 66), Makarov, Chudin, Pesegov (Sasin, 66), Marukhin (Azarov, 81), Palienko, Giraev (Poluboyarinov, 90)

Yellow cards: Kutin (17), Efremov (62), Arsentiev (85)

Referee: Tsyganok (Vladivostok)

16 October. Ulyanovsk. Trud Stadium. 1800 fans.

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