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  • 1. «Динамо» Махачкала 50
  • 2. «Акрон» Тольятти 49
  • 3. «Химки» Химки 48
  • 4. «Арсенал» Тула 45
  • 5. «Родина» Москва 44
  • 6. «Нефтехимик» Нижнекамск 40
  • 7. «Тюмень» Тюмень 40
  • 8. «Алания» Владикавказ 37
  • 9. «Енисей» Красноярск 36

Ramil Sharipov: “We checked the muscular system of the players”
10 January 2023 в 21:34

On January 10, after passing the medical checking, our team was waiting for functional testing.

Football players, divided into groups of five, went through stations to measure the power capabilities of their legs.

Ramil Sharipov, FC “Akron” physical training coach:

– On January 9, we conducted an in-depth medical examination. With the help of Vald Performance and HUMAC NORM systems, first of all, they tested the muscular system of the players, looked at the strength of the muscles and compared it with the indicators of the previous year. Compared to the previous period, the results of the players have improved. They did individual work at home, and I think they did it by 90%. We were constantly in touch. It was possible to reduce the imbalance and increase the strength of the legs. In the first week of the Turkish training camp, we will work on some of the deficits that emerged from the testing – on an individual basis. We will also test the guys for maximum oxygen consumption, using aerobic tests, where we will determine the endurance of the players.

Vald Performance are devices: NordBord, which tests the back of the thigh, ForceFrame, which allows you to determine the strength of the adductor and abductor muscles, we used ForceDecks and SmartSpeed more to determine the power of the explosive power of the legs, and HUMAC NORM more revealed the isometric strength of the front and rear muscles of the legs, as in concentric and eccentric modes. Thanks to management, we now have the entire Vald Performance and SmartSpeed product line that Vald has taken over. We will use this equipment both at the Konoplev Academy and with the main team.

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