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2 матч 1 июня 2024, 16:00 (г. Жигулёвск)

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  • 1. «Химки» Химки 66
  • 2. «Динамо» Махачкала 61
  • 3. «Акрон» Тольятти 59
  • 4. «Арсенал» Тула 55
  • 5. «Родина» Москва 55
  • 6. «Енисей» Красноярск 51
  • 7. «Шинник» Ярославль 51
  • 8. «Алания» Владикавказ 49
  • 9. «Тюмень» Тюмень 48

Akron snatched a draw from Tom!
21 November 2021 в 22:55

Our team won the first half, then conceded three times, but found the strength to level the score.

Akron again played a home game crazy in terms of drama and did not allow Tom to interrupt its unbeaten run at home. At first, everything went as well for our team as possible: we completely dominated the opponent, created threats to Arapov. Particularly the “standards” were dangerous, which, however, the first ball came from: in the 24th minute after a corner kick, Konstantin Savichev hung in the penalty area, Artem Delkin corrected the ball in flight, and Danila Sagutkin literally hammered a shell into the net with his head from a meter.

All the main events of the match fit into the second half. The rivals came out after the break, and Akron could increase the lead: Alexander Bosov responded to Ekra’s throw, beat the goalkeeper, shot into the post, but, unfortunately, there was no point in finishing off because of the fixed offside position. The guests, in response, went into a counteroffensive and succeeded in this component: Alexander Stavpets left our defense out of work and restored parity. On the 64th minute, “Tom”, who caught the luck by the tail, took the lead: Ilya Kubyshkin gave a corner and involuntarily created a “dry leaf”. And in the 71st minute, the same Stavpets almost unhindered exactly twirled into the top nine because of the penalty – 1: 3.

If “Tom” had nothing to lose after the first half, then our team is in its position by the last ten minutes and even more so. Akron went ahead with large forces, Vladimir Marukhin was close to the goal twice. But the numbers on the scoreboard changed in the 86th minute by another player who appeared as a substitute: Artur Gazdanov waited for the ball on the other side of the penalty area after a serve by Konstantin Savichev and, without hesitation, shot aptly into the far corner. The final point in the match was also ours: in the 90th minute, Konstantin Bazelyuk was not laid on the lawn according to the rules – Anastasia Pustovoitova pointed to the “point” without hesitation. The top scorer of the Togliatti team scored his seventh goal of the season, which brought the hosts a draw with Tom.

In the final november tour we will play with the leader of Olimp-FNL in Zhigulevsk. The match with Orenburg will take place on Saturday, November 27, and will start at 15:00 Samara time.

MATCH PROTOCOL: Akron (Togliatti) – Tom (Tomsk) 3:3 (1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Sagutkin (24), 1:1 Stavpets (57), 1:2 Kubyshkin (64), 1:3 Stavpets (71), 2:3 Gazdanov (86), 3:3 Bazelyuk (90, penalty)

Akron (Togliatti): Volkov, Zuev (Rogac, 55), Sagutkin (Nesterov, 76), Savichev, Kilin, Chudin, Delkin, Ekra (Potapov, 68), Azarov (Gazdanov, 68), Bosov (Marukhin, 68 ), Bazelyuk

Tom (Tomsk): Arapov, Klimov (Semeikin, 69), Zuikov, Seraskhov, Savinykh, Gordyushenko (Radostev, 90), Korobov, Kubyshkin, Stavpets (Dmitriev, 84), Kudryashov (Pochivalin, 46), Korzh (Antipov , 84)

Yellow cards: Gordyushenko (25), Savinykh (28), Zuev (30), Korzh (44), Potapov (74), Dmitriev (89)

Red card: Savinykh (90, 2 y.c.)

Referee: Pustovoitova (Moscow)

21st November. Zhigulevsk. Crystal Stadium. 162 fans.

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