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Сбор в Турции 27 июня 2024 (г. Бурдур)

Mehmet Akif Ersoy г. Бурдур
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Draw in Zhigulevsk
6 March 2022 в 18:54

Akron and Veles exchanged goals in the first spring tour of Olimp-FNL.

Three days after his appointment to Akron, Vitaly Panov had to lead the team to the first official match after the restart of Olymp-FNL against the private Veles. It is impossible to create a miracle in such a short time, but everything was in order with the organization of the team. In the first half, the opponents played on a collision course. Our guys opened the scoring after a half-field throw from Sagutkin to Bazelyuk. Konstantin dragged the ball and opponents on his back from the central circle, and also managed to roll it into the “house” of Alexei Kuznetsov – Kostya’s eighth goal of the season! Before the break, Maxim Palienko had his chance to increase the advantage in the score, but the goalkeeper of the “bulls” pulled himself into line.

The second half began with a free kick, a series of ricochets and a Veles return ball by Gevork Sargsyan. The guests held the initiative after the break, and Sergey Volkov, who made three saves and made it to the symbolic team of the tour, for the fifth time this season, had a great merit in the draw.

Vitaly Panov summed up the match: “I am grateful to the guys for coming out and trying in such difficult weather conditions, in a difficult situation. There were no indifferent people on the field, everyone showed character. We have a lot of work to do with the guys. I can not say that the content of the game is satisfactory so far. I want to greet the fans, they came to the stadium in such weather – it’s very nice to see that they are rooting for the team and worry about it.”

MATCH PROTOCOL: Akron (Togliatti) – Veles (Moscow) 1:1 (1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Bazelyuk (25), 1:1 Sarkisyan (48)

Akron (Togliatti): Volkov, Rogac, Sagutkin, Savichev, Chistyakov, Chudin, Boytsov (Zuev, 90), Palienko (Delkin, 84), Azarov (Sasin, 64), Kilin, Bazelyuk (Giraev, 64)

Veles (Moscow): Kuznetsov, Mikhailenko, Maiga, Kertanov, Prishchepa, Galoyan, Kakhidze, Makeev, Sarkisyan (Logua, 67), Vorobyov, Kabakhidze

Yellow cards: Sagutkin (7), Prishchepa (50), Kabakhidze (83)

Referee: Abrosimov (St. Petersburg)

March, 6. Zhigulevsk. Crystal Stadium. 156 fans.

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