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Сбор в Турции 27 июня 2024 (г. Бурдур)

Mehmet Akif Ersoy г. Бурдур
  • 1. «Акрон» Тольятти 0
  • 2. «Ахмат» Грозный 0
  • 3. «Динамо» Махачкала 0
  • 4. «Динамо» Москва 0
  • 5. «Зенит» Санкт-Петербург 0
  • 6. «Краснодар» Краснодар 0
  • 7. «Крылья Советов» Самара 0
  • 8. «Локомотив» Москва 0
  • 9. «Оренбург» Оренбург 0

Akron lost in Kazan
6 August 2022 в 23:35

Our team lost a lot to the Khabarovsk team, playing more than a half in the minority.

Neighbors in the standings met in Kazan, who at the start of the season have not yet known the taste of victories. Akron and SKA-Khabarovsk exchanged circles, and the meeting of the 4th round of Melbet-First League, which was supposed to be held in Khabarovsk, was moved to the capital of Tatarstan in connection with the replacement of the lawn at the home stadium of the army team.

Our team approached the game not in the most optimal composition: for medical reasons, the leaders of defense and midfield Ivan Rogach and Maxim Palienko were absent from the application. Compared to the match in Tula, Ivan Chudin, Anton Kilin and Sergey Makarov came out from the first minutes. It is difficult to say that the teams managed to combine. There was a lot of vertical football, martial arts and games before the opponent’s mistake at the Central. On the 16th minute, our defender allowed his own, giving an inaccurate pass, thereby launching a striking counterattack on Volkov’s goal. Nikita Miroshnichenko, who was brought to the shock position, was accurate.

However, this goal is still far from deciding anything. All key episodes of the match took place in the last five minutes of the first half. First, due to a technical marriage, goalkeeper Vladimir Sugrobov was forced to foul on Konstantin Bazelyuk, who went into pressure and went out to an empty net. It would seem that a foul of the last hope and a well-deserved removal, but the referee from Naberezhnye Chelny Ranel Ziyakov decided differently, writing out only a warning to the goalkeeper. Two minutes before the break, the referee again became the protagonist of the fight, showing a direct red card to Danil Poluboyarinov for the on-duty joint in the center of the field with Ilya Petrov – even the match commentator from Khabarovsk was surprised by this decision.

In addition to the bad luck and controversial decisions of the referee team, Evgeny Pesegov’s injury was added to the piggy bank, who was forced to leave the field in the 33rd minute. Looking ahead, after the break, for the same reason, Danila Sagutkin will also leave the field ahead of schedule.

In the second half, being in the numerical minority, the coaching staff of the guests relied on the quick delivery of the ball into the penalty area in the hope of a successful discount or an accurate shot from the flanks. The work of Sugrobov, who remained in the game, was, but not as serious as it could certainly have been in equal compositions. In turn, the nominal hosts of the field in the 60th minute were able to double their advantage in the long run: Mikhail Gashchenkov succeeded in a splendid shot into the top nine from a long distance – they are not taken. Akron continued to go forward until the end of the match, but in the 74th minute they missed another counterattack, which Said Aliyev crowned with a goal.

“First of all, I want to apologize to our fans. This is not at all the result that we expected – that they were waiting for. We want to play for the fans, to please them with the result.

There was great support at the match, the fans believed in us until the end of the game, they drove us forward, despite the numbers on the scoreboard – it’s worth a lot. We are indebted to them and will do everything possible in the next rounds to turn the tide. We can turn everything in our favor, and at the end of the season, I’m sure we will be at the top, ”- FC Akron midfielder Anton Kilin.

MATCH PROTOCOL: SKA-Khabarovsk – Akron (Togliatti) 3:0 (1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Miroshnichenko (16), 2:0 Gashchenkov (60), 3:0 Aliev (74)

SKA-Khabarovsk: Sugrobov, Rukas (Anisimov, 46), Fomin, Musalov, Starodub, Gashchenkov, Miroshnichenko, Geloyan (Aliev, 63), Petrov, Aleinikov (Tarasov, 87), Tursunov (Sukhomlinov, 82)

Akron (Tolyatti): Volkov, Zuev, Chudin (Shakuro, 46), Sagutkin (Boitsov, 80), Matveev (Marukhin, 46), Savichev, Makarov, Pesegov (Azarov, 33), Poluboyarinov, Kilin (Giraev, 68), Bazelyuk

Yellow cards: Sugrobov (39), Savichev (43), Zuev (48), Fomin (48), Geloyan (53), Shakuro (71), Tursunov (73), Makarov (80), Aleinikov (82)

Red card: Poluboyarinov (43)

Referee: Ziyakov (Naberezhnye Chelny)

August 6th Kazan. Stadium “Central”. 370 fans.

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