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29 тур 24 апреля 2024, 18:30 (г. Жигулёвск)

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Akron wins in Krasnodar!
14 August 2022 в 23:58

The first victory in the Melbet-First League was achieved thanks to a quick goal from Konstantin Savichev.

By the fifth round, our team approached without victories, which, of course, absolutely no one expected. Not for Akron was the continuation of the away series, which will end only on August 27, and the group of injured players represented by Evgeny Pesegov, Maxim Palienko, Vladimir Azarov and Danila Sagutkin, and, finally, the disqualification of Danil Poluboyarinov, whom the FTC RFU did not justify. But Vitaly Panov had something to surprise his opponent. Akron appeared in a new structure, moving away from the usual three central defenders. From the first minutes, Pavel Shakuro and Dmitry Sasin came out, who paired Konstantin Bazelyuk in attack.

We started the match very actively and already in the second minute we could open the score: Bazelyuk almost scored after a quick draw out. But the goal was not long in coming. In the seventh minute, Togliatti, as if by music, performed a corner: Vladimir Marukhin rolled from the corner flag to the nearest Bazelyuk, he gave a touch to the oncoming Savichev, and Konstantin, without delay, plunged the projectile into the net of Stanislav Agkatsev’s goal. Soon we were close to increasing the advantage: Dmitry Sasin finished the slalom pass into the penalty area with a biting shot into the near corner, but the goalkeeper neutralized the threat. And on the 22nd minute we had a feeling of deja vu, when Gaivoronsky thwarted Sasin’s breakthrough to the goal and received only a warning. After half an hour of the game, Krasnodar-2 increased the pressure and took control of the ball. Before the break, the rivals exchanged dangerous moments: in the 32nd minute, the crossbar played for Akron, and a moment later Bazelyuk cleared the ball from the ribbon. We could have learned more from the episode in stoppage time, when Vladimir Marukhin took too long to make a decision in front of the goalkeeper and missed the moment to strike.

In the second half, all football looked like a battle that our players had to win at any cost. Sergei Volkov again caught the courage and effectively worked at the last frontier. A large amount of work was also done by field players, creeping in tackles and with the last of their strength, in an organized manner, rebuilding in the Krasnodar heat. Six minutes compensated for the match seemed like an eternity, but Akron held back the onslaught of the hosts and won in Krasnodar for the first time in its history.

MATCH PROTOCOL: Krasnodar-2 – Akron (Togliatti) 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: 0:1 Savichev (7)

Krasnodar-2: Agkatsev, Pivovarov, Gaivoronsky, Sukhoruchenko, Isaenko, Nduka (Yakimov, 59), Kratkov, Kokoev (Samko, 46), Khalnazarov (Manelov, 46), Oznobikhin (Alidzhoni, 59), Apekov (Popov, 86)

Akron (Tolyatti): Volkov, Zuev, Rogac, Savichev, Shakuro, Chudin, Makarov, Kilin (Boitsov, 83), Marukhin (Maximchuk, 74), Bazelyuk (Khojaniyazov, 74), Sasin (Giraev, 61)

Yellow cards: Gaivoronsky (23), Savichev (30), Shakuro (33), Isaenko (59), Apekov (62), Yakimov (67), Chudin (90)

Referee: Perezva (Ramenskoye)

August 14th. Krasnodar. Stadium of the Academy of FC Krasnodar. 3120 fans.

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