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Ruslan Bart is Akron’s youngest debutant
24 August 2022 в 18:12

The 16-year-old forward played for the first time at a professional level in Naberezhnye Chelny.

The striker, who signed a contract with our club in early July, learned the basics of football in Perm, from where he moved to the Konoplev Academy at a young age. Last season, Ruslan played in YuFL-2, where, under the leadership of former Akron forward Sergei Vakhteev, he played in 22 matches, scored five goals and five assists. In the new season of the youth football league, Barth’s team moved to the main division, where the striker has already scored three goals in four matches.

“Ruslan always boldly goes to beat, he has good speed and realization of moments. I am glad that he is progressing and attracting the attention of the First League team. A group of our pupils also trains constantly with Akron: the guys get great experience and opportunities for growth. This, by the way, is also an example for younger children who will play in the UFL-1 next season, ”said the head coach of the Akron-Konoplev Academy, born in 2005 Sergey Vakhteev.

In the sixth round of MELBET-First League, Bart got into Akron’s squad for the match for the first time. Vitaly Panov let Ruslan into the fight in the 70th minute instead of Vladimir Marukhin, whose record our hero updated. During the allotted time, Bart was not marked by scoring actions, but it was impossible to refuse his desire. Most likely, it led to two yellow cards and removal in stoppage time already.

– The guy works well in training, he is not afraid of the ball, he is technically equipped, – says Akron head coach Vitaly Panov. – We involve students of our academy in the training process, and this shows its direct connection with the main team. Perhaps his appearance on the field was an advance, but I wanted to let him feel the intensity of the struggle, the speed in this game. If he works well, he can grow into a good player.

Removal in 20 minutes – from lack of experience and great desire?

– Of course. For the first time, he came out well, although his debut was overshadowed by the removal. If we look at these cards more carefully, then in the first case there was a disruption of the attack: Ruslan, of course, could have improved, and the second warning was generally optional. If he acted a second faster, he could even score his first goal – it would be great. In any case, I will count on him in the September games. Ruslan should have a good future with his professional attitude to business.

After such an ambiguous debut, did you need to talk to him additionally?

– Despite the fact that he is not the strongest young player, he fights very well, switches. Of course, he had a great desire to prove himself and help the team. It’s a pity that the deletion happened. In the future, of course, we will talk to him. First of all, I supported him, because, even leaving the field, he apologized for the removal. We must pay tribute: he is not indifferent, like our whole situation, as a whole. Bart has the data to grow into a big football player.

With his appearance on the field in Naberezhnye Chelny, Ruslan blocked the indicator of Vladimir Marukhin, who made his debut for Akron at the age of 18 years and 19 days. The top three also included midfielder Daniil Kashmin, who played for our team in the championship season in the PFL and played for the first time at a professional level at the age of 18 years, eight months and four days.

Three of the youngest debutants in Akron’s professional history:

1) Ruslan Bart (11/16/2005). Debut: 08/21/2022. KAMAZ – Akron 4:0. 6122 days / 16 years, 9 months and 5 days;

2) Vladimir Marukhin (07/06/2003). Debut: 07/25/2021. Metallurg – Akron 2:2. 6594 days / 18 years and 19 days;

3) Daniil Kashmin (01/11/2001). Debut: 09/15/2019. “Nosta” – “Akron” 0:1. 6821 days / 18 years, 8 months and 4 days.

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