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28 тур 20 апреля 2024, 17:00 (г. Жигулёвск)

стадион «Кристалл» г. Жигулёвск купить билет
  • 1. «Динамо» Махачкала 47
  • 2. «Акрон» Тольятти 46
  • 3. «Химки» Химки 45
  • 4. «Арсенал» Тула 44
  • 5. «Родина» Москва 44
  • 6. «Тюмень» Тюмень 40
  • 7. «Нефтехимик» Нижнекамск 37
  • 8. «Алания» Владикавказ 37
  • 9. «Енисей» Красноярск 36

We lost to Baltika
27 August 2022 в 23:23

Different halves and a home defeat from guests from Kaliningrad.

In a truncated composition, but finally at home. After a four-match away series, Akron returned to the Zhiguli Kristall and met with the ambitious Baltika. Earlier in the history of the confrontation, our team has never celebrated a victory over a club from the western enclave and has not scored. It was not possible to completely break the tradition, but at first everything turned out quite successfully for Vitaly Panov’s wards.

Already in the second minute after a corner, Vladimir Marukhin decided to strike from outside the penalty area and tore off the web in the far nine. Spectacular goal, followed by several more scoring chances. All the same Marukhin in one episode first hit the goalkeeper at close range, and a second later he finished off the ball into the crossbar. In general, the first half remained with the hosts both in terms of the score and the game.

The team had not to deviate from the game plan, not to give up the initiative and try to consolidate the advantage, but the match began to take shape according to the scenario of the previous home game against Shinnik. First, in the 48th minute, Baltika scored, but from an offside position. In the 52nd minute, the “red-blacks” came to the rescue with a post. And on the 57th ball, it nevertheless flew into Volkov’s goal: Vladislav Lazarev was the first on the rebound after a corner and spun into the far one. Inspired by this development, the Baltics took the lead in the 63rd minute thanks to an accurate strike by Gideon Guzina. On the 76th, the situation became quite deplorable after the third ball by Tamerlan Musaev. Our guys could not recoup, the match ended with a strong-willed victory for the Kaliningrad team.

MATCH PROTOCOL: Akron (Togliatti) – Baltika (Kaliningrad) 1:3 (1:0)

Goals: 1:0 Marukhin (2), 1:1 Lazarev (57), 1:2 Guzina (63), 1:3 Musaev (76)

Akron (Togliatti): Volkov, Rogac, Zuev, Khodzhaniyazov, Savichev, Shakuro, Palienko (Makarov, 83), Chudin, Kilin (Poluboyarinov, 65), Marukhin (Malyshev, 83), Giraev (Sasin, 65)

Baltika (Kaliningrad): Borisko, Putsko (Ostoich, 31), Radmanovac, Valiakhmetov (Dudiev, 46), Malyarov, Osipov, Kashchelan (Klenkin, 46), Kazaev, Lazarev (Avanesyan, 90), Barkov (Musaev, 75) ), Guzina

Yellow card: Radmanovac (42)

Referee: Abrosimov (St. Petersburg)

August 27th. Zhigulevsk. Stadium “Crystal”. 460 fans.

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