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Akron statistics: summer-autumn part of the 2022/23 season
8 December 2022 в 22:55

We talk about the intermediate results of our team in the language of numbers.

Togliatti went on a winter break in 13th place in the MELBET-First League standings, having played more than half of the matches of the season that the team started under the leadership of Vitaly Panov (8 rounds: one win, two draws and five losses). In the autumn months, already under the leadership of Evgeny Kaleshin, in 12 rounds, Akron won three victories, drew eight times and was defeated only once. Also, Togliatti players have three victories in the qualifying stage of the Way of the Regions of the Cup of Russia and a historic entry into the playoffs of the tournament, where at the first stage of the quarterfinals in Zhigulevsk on February 26, 2023 we will host Torpedo Moscow.

Guardsmen and debutants of Akron

According to the results of 20 rounds, 25 players appeared in the Akron T-shirt – two more made their debut for the Red-Blacks in the Russian Cup: these are Vitaly Sychev and Alexey Gusev, who played in the home match against Domodedovo Peresvet. Compared to the previous season, the colors of our team were defended by only one legionnaire – the Serbian central defender Ivan Rogac.

By December 2022, Akron had 125 players in all competitions in history. In particular, in the first part of the 2022/23 season – taking into account the Cup – 11 players made their debut for Akron: goalkeepers Alil Magomedov (1 match in the First League + 0) and Vitaly Sychev (0 + 1 match in the Russian Cup), defenders Maxim Matveev (15+2), Jamaldin Khodzhaniyazov (14+1) and Pavel Shakuro (16+3), midfielders Sergey Makarov (19+2), Danil Poluboyarinov (15+2) and Alexey Gusev (0+1), forwards Ruslan Bart (1+0), Artur Maksimchuk (1+0) and Artyom Malyshev (1+0).

Until the last two November matches, Akron’s most “used” player, like last season, was Ilya Zuev (1614 minutes), but in the final games of the year, Evgeny Kaleshin left the defender in reserve. Ivan Chudin (1642) was the only player to appear on the field in all matches of the summer-autumn part of the season; the midfielder did not enter the Cup only in the game with Peresvet. He is followed by Sergey Volkov (1710), Sergey Makarov (1408), Vladimir Marukhin (1162), Konstantin Savichev (1708) and Karim Giraev (921) – they have participated in 19 matches out of 20 possible. The leader in the number of minutes played is Sergey Volkov, but he can safely share his leadership with Konstantin Savichev, who, according to statistics, was only two minutes short of his indicator – Kostya could become the best in both categories if he had not missed one match with Ufa » due to disqualification due to the bust of yellow cards.

Let us especially note the first results of Acron’s entry into the management structure of the Konoplev Academy. Our club signed contracts with seven young players born in 2004-2005, six of whom were signed up for the team in the first part of the season, and three even made their debut. Ruslan Bart became the team’s youngest debutant, coming on as a substitute in Naberezhnye Chelny at the age of 16 years 9 months and 5 days. Artem Malyshev played for the first time at a professional level in the next round with Baltika, and Alexei Gusev, as we noted earlier, made his debut in the Russian Cup – already under Evgeny Kaleshin.

Marukhin is the author of the fastest goals of the season

It is time to move on to the typology of goals scored and their authors. By the way, our team went on a winter break on the threshold of new anniversary events. Akron has 48 wins and 148 goals scored as a pro.

Over 20 rounds of the 2022/23 season, Akron scored 19 goals, while conceding 25 and going into the break with a negative margin. Interestingly, at home and away, our team has almost a balance of goals scored: 10 to 9, but the ball was taken out of the net of their own goals more often than that of others, the “red-blacks” away: 10 to 15. More different statistics were obtained for the goals scored and goals conceded in each half. The time before the break was shocking for Akron – 13 scored against six in the second half. The defense of Togliatti was much more reliable in the first half – 9 goals conceded against 16 in the second.

The main scoring activity in matches involving Akron took place in the first 30 minutes of both halves. Two goals scored by Vladimir Marukhin, which are still the fastest goals of the current season, do not get out of this statistic.

1) Vladimir Marukhin – 01:06 – #AkronBaltika (round 7)

2) Vladimir Marukhin – 01:19 – #AkronVeles (round 17)

3) Vitaly Lisakovich – 01:37 – #NeftekhimikRubin (round 4)

4) Evgeny Makeev – 01:42 – #VelesKrasnodar2 (round 16)

5) Gedeon Guzina – 01:45 – # RubinBaltika (round 16)

Akron’s latest goal was a goal scored by Vladimir Azarov against Veles, when the numbers 85:47 were on the scoreboard. By the way, he is now leading in the fans’ voting for the best goal of November. The fastest conceded goal was the goal of Artyom Voropaev, a pupil of the Akron-Konoplev Academy, for Rodina at 10:46. Later, Ilya Gruznov from “Shinnik” no one hit the gates of Sergei Volkov this season: it happened at around 92:47.

The authors of 19 goals in the composition of Togliatti were nine players. The best scorer of the team at the moment is midfielder Maxim Palienko – he has four goals scored. Vladimir Marukhin and Konstantin Savichev “breathe” in his back – three each. Two goals were scored by Ivan Chudin, Karim Giraev and Konstantin Bazelyuk – the team’s top scorer last season. In the championship, Kostya’s performance has so far declined, but in the Cup, he is Akron’s leader in this indicator and one of the best scorers on the Path of Regions with three accurate hits. By the way, in the list of Akron’s all-time scorers, Bazelyuk came out on top in goals scored at the professional level, and second in all tournaments, including amateur competitions. Anton Kilin, Volodymyr Azarov and Ivan Rogach each scored a goal.

A fifth of all the goals conceded came from outside the penalty area: we share 3rd-5th places with Veles and SKA-Khabarovsk. Only Volga (7 goals) and Krasnodar-2 (9) had more long-range shots. We scored only two goals against our opponents from a respectable distance, like Neftekhimik and Enisey. For example, “Motherland” never even scored from outside the penalty area, although it has mirror indicators for goals scored and conceded together with our team, and “Alania” shot as many as 10 goals from a distance!

At the same time, Akron has the most even picture in terms of the type of goals scored from the field: there are 12 of them in total – six each as a result of positional and fast attacks. The main threat to the opponents’ goal came from the right flank, where Konstantin Savichev was active – eight scoring attacks originated there. Missed 76% of Akron’s goals from the game: 12 in position, seven after counterattacks. Akron is a right-footed team, 12 out of 19 goals we scored this way, five with our left foot, two goals reached the goal after headers.

“Standards” best of all succeeded “Baltika” (17 goals), “Alania” (15) and “SKA” (14). Akron also did not stand aside and scored seven goals in this way: three from corners, three from penalties and one from out. We conceded even less from set pieces – only six goals: two goals came from the corners, three after free kicks and one from the penalty mark. It should be noted that Akron quite often took penalties: more often only SKA-Khabarovsk (6/6), the same number – KAMAZ (5/4), Kuban (5/3) and Baltika ( 5/2). There is a club in favor of which the referees have never pointed to the “point” – this is Dynamo Makhachkala. In turn, only one penalty was assigned to Akron’s goal – in Naberezhnye Chelny, Gagloev performed a panenka. This is the lowest figure among all the clubs, only Volgar, Yenisey and Shinnik are on a par.

For the second consecutive season, Konstantin Savichev has been the best projectile carrier in Akron with five assists. Two assists each from Sergei Makarov, Konstantin Bazelyuk, Maxim Palienko and Karim Giraev (taking into account the earned penalty in Grozny). One transfer from Vladimir Azarov, Anton Kilin, Vladimir Marukhin and Maxim Matveev. According to the goal + pass system, Savichev is leading with eight points (3 + 5), followed by Palienko with six points (4 + 2). They are also the most active in scoring attacks – 54%, the best in Instat Index.

At this stage of the tournament, our team scored most of all “Veles” and “Alania” – three goals each. Over the Moscow team in MELBET-First League, our biggest victory (3:0) this season was also won, in the Cup, Peresvet (5:0) received such a fate, the result of the match with which became historical for Akron. In the first round, we removed the curse of Baltika, which we had never scored before. Of the existing rivals of Akron in the tournament from the Red-Blacks, only Rubin Kazan has never missed. Only Kuban, Yenisei, KAMAZ and Volgar were “dry” in the face-to-face confrontation with our team from the first part of the season. The biggest failure befell us in Tatarstan from Chelny team (0:4). In the fall, under Kaleshin, Akron went on a 10-match unbeaten streak in the First League. Another component associated with the number 10: Akron is by far the most peaceful club in the sub-elite division with ten draws in the piggy bank.

Most scoring chances: Giraev – 17, Palienko – 12, Bazelyuk – 11.

Created scoring chances: Palienko – 16; Savichev – 15; Giraev/Sasin – 8.

The best in successful martial arts: Khodzhaniyazov – 71%, Sagutkin – 67%, Zuev – 66%.

The best in successful riding martial arts: Khodzhaniyazov – 72%, Shakuro – 67%, Rogach / Sagutkin – 64%.

The best in the number of ball interceptions: Savichev – 124, Zuev – 113, Chudin – 109.

The best in terms of passing accuracy: Volkov – 90%, Makarov – 89%, Chudin – 88%.

Best in shots/on target: Palienko – 39/12, Giraev – 23/7, Bazelyuk – 19/6.

Breakdown by First League teams best/worst

Ball possession: Enisey (58%) / Volgar (43%). Akron – 52% (4th place).

Number of ball advances (avg. per match): Enisey (113)/Akron (101). Akron – 101 (18th place).

Number of assists (average per match): Yenisei (536) / Volgar (383). Akron – 461 (5th place).

Goals scored: Baltika and SKA-Khabarovsk (38) / Dynamo, Krasnodar-2 and Volga (15). Akron – 19 (11th place).

Goals conceded: Dynamo and Neftekhimik (16)/Krasnodar-2 (37). Akron – 25 (6th place).

Shots (average per match): Alania (16) / Volgar (8.6). Akron – 10 (15th place).

Goal chances (average per match): Alania, SKA-Khabarovsk and Rubin (7) / Volga (3.8). Akron – 4.5 (13th place).

Losses of the ball (average per match): KAMAZ and Akron (69) / Dynamo (79). Akron – 69 (17th place).

Number of assists (average per match): Yenisei (536) / Volgar (383). Akron – 461 (5th place).

Successful tackles (average per match): Rubin (20)/Shinnik and Akron (15). Akron – 15 (17th place).

Rebounds (average per match): Dynamo (80) / Ufa (56). Akron – 62 (13th place).

Successful TTA (average per match): Yenisei (672) / Volgar (522). Akron – 592 (6th place).

Penalties: SKA-Khabarovsk (6/6) / Dynamo (0). Akron – 5/3 (4th place).

Strokes (average per match): Volga (31) / Neftekhimik (18). Akron – 20 (15th place).

Interceptions (average per match): Volgar (59) / Ufa (49). Akron – 50 (17th place).

Fouls (average per match): Neftekhimik (14.9) / Arsenal (9.8). Akron – 13.2 (6th place).

Opponent fouls (average per match): Kuban (14.4)/Akron (10.1). Akron – 10.1 (18th place).

Yellow cards: Volgar (70) / Baltika (31). Akron – 35 (16th place).

Red cards: Rodina (6) / Dynamo, Rubin and Alania (1). Akron – 3rd (9th place).

Breakdown by First League players Tournament leaders/Akron leaders

Instat Index: Ostoich Baltika (232). The best in Akron: Palienko – 219 (15th place).

Goals: Guzina Baltika (11). The best in Akron: Palienko – 4 (21st place).

Assists: Galoyan “Alania” (10). Best in Akron: Savichev – 5th (4th place).

Goal + pass: Galoyan “Alania” (17). Best in Akron: Savichev – 8th (15th place).

Participation in goal attacks: Galoyan “Alania” (28). The best in Akron: Palienko – 12th (17th place).

Goal errors: Serikov “Arsenal” (8). In Akron: Rogach – 8th (4th place).

Shots/on target: Arsenal Panchenko (63/22). Best in Akron: Palienko – 39/12 (10th place).

Number of assists: Ferreira “Yenisei” (1285). The best in Akron: Zuev – 1063 (9th place).

Key passes: Kabutov “Rubin” (32). The best in Akron: Savichev – 18th (11th place).

Passes to the box: Kabutov “Rubin” (194). Best in Akron: Savichev – 108th (9th place).

Sheds: Kabutov “Rubin” (103). Best in Akron: Savichev – 83rd (4th place).

Offside passes: Akron Khodzhaniyazov (7).

Offsides: Mashukov “Alania” (20). In Akron: Kilin – 7th (18th place).

Martial arts won: Shiryaev “Neftekhimik” (265). In Akron: Zuev – 188 (13th place).

Martial arts in defense: Shiryaev “Neftekhimik” (223). In Akron: Zuev – 146 (10th place).

Martial arts in the attack: Guzina “Baltika” (171). In Akron: Giraev – 100 (13th place).

Successful strokes: Kertanov “Veles” (89). In Akron: Palienko – 42 (18th place).

Fouls on the player: Volgar Tsarukyan (46). In Akron: Palienko – 44 (3rd place).

Yellow cards: Talalay “Volgar” (8). In Akron: Savichev – 7th (7th place).

Best goalkeeper (Instat Index): Vambolt “Shinnik” (213). In Akron: Volkov – 198 (12th place).

Best left back (Instat Index): Baltika Malyarov (228). In Akron: Shakuro – 195 (19th place).

Best right back (Instat Index): Rubin Kabutov (226). In Akron: Savichev – 217 (2nd place).

The best central defender (Instat Index): Ostoich “Baltika” (232). In Akron: Khodzhaniyazov – 210 (19th place).

Best defensive midfielder (Instat Index): Kuzmin “Baltika” (222). In Akron: Chudin – 194 (19th place).

Best left midfielder (Instat Index): Ivanov “Enisey” (215). In Akron: Pesegov – 187 (19th place).

Best right midfielder (Instat Index): Tkachev Arsenal (221). In Akron: Azarov – 188 (16th place).

Best attacking midfielder (Instat Index): Galoyan “Alania” (230). In Akron: Palienko – 219 (5th place).

Best Forward (Instat Index): Glushkov Enisey (213). In Akron: Giraev – 174 (31st place).

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